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by now you know what I do, but i think it’s important you know -why- i do it. let me just paint this picture for you. since i was a young girl i was always one to not care too much about rules, i always did what i wanted. this was also true when it came to what i was eating. i’ve been an athlete my entire life, soccer being my sport of choice. i always had the understanding that i could eat whatever i wanted because i’d be able to just burn it off during a game or practice. by the looks of it, you’d probably think this was working just fine for me. to be honest, i’d probably be one of those people who would live to 100 & be perfectly healthy if i decided to continue to eat this way.

after college i moved back in with my parents. i was applying to various pa schools and doing some extra things on top of work to make my applications look good. while being at home i was lucky to spend more time with my family, especially my 83 year old outgoing grandma. my grandma was one of those people who, like me, did what she wanted when she wanted. she was very active, driving herself to bingo and walking up to mcdonald’s for her coffee with a friend. my grandma was like most of her generation when it came to what she ate. she would have her coffee with 4 scoops of sugar, cook with lard any chance she had, and served desert with every meal. this lifestyle had caught up to her because she was on several medications.

it wasn’t until one day when her medical providers made a change in her medications that a switch went off for me. my grandma’s health quickly started to decline, forcing her to give up her car and moving in with my parents. i started to wonder how someone could go from walking to mcdonald’s weekly to not being able to walk to the bathroom almost instantly.

this day was the day for me. i started to think there had to be more to health than relying on a handful of pills to solve your problems. i picked up the book “food over medicine” and knew that nutrition was the right path for me. i applied to a nutrition program and once completed became a certified nutrition educator. from here i started working with clients to understand the importance of a plant-based diet.

seeing my grandma lose a lot of her independence because of her health helped me realize that was one way i didn’t want to be like her. i made a promise to myself to put my health first and make changes. since then i’ve promised to reach as many others as i can and help them discover the life-changing benefits of a plant-based diet.




WHEN I WAS 13 WEEKS PREGNANT, I WAS TOLD BY A DOCTOR THAT I HAD A HEMOrRHAGE BY THE PLACENTA. THIS DOCTOR THEN PROCEEDED TO TELL ME THAT THE CHANCES OF DELIVERing a healthy baby full-term were slim. this news was devastating to us. we decided to go see another doctor (who then became our regular ob) to get a second opinion. the doctor told us that this thing is common and that there was a good chance we’d be new parents within 6 months. our doctor advised me to “do nothing” for an entire month.

so for 30 days i wasn’t allowed to work or exercise. i was going slightly crazy in my house while my husband was gone at work, but found ways to keep busy. i was reading as much as i could about plant-based nutrition during pregnancy and committed to follow a 100% plant-based diet during these 30 days.

i had returned to visit my ob after the 30 days and the ultrasound showed that the hemorrhage was completely gone. i don’t want to say that nutrition healed me, but i can say that it definitely had an impact.

through the rest of my pregnancy, i followed a plant-based diet, and allowed myself to cave into the Chick-fil-a french fry cravings every time they came up. my workout routine consisted of barre classes and yoga; i continued to workout 4-5 days a week.

i had such a smooth delivery and had Wyatt naturally, weighing 5lbs 6oz. i had ended up gaining just over 18 pounds throughout my pregnancy. i was able to successfully breastfeed for 5 months. by now you’re well aware of my obsession with my son Wyatt, who just turned 18 months in December. while parenting is literally a rollercoaster of emotions, my favorite part about it is watching Wyatt grow into himself. so many changes are taking place each day.

Wyatt has been fed a predominately plant-based diet so far. he hasn’t had a single bite of any animal products other than salmon, eggs, and some cheese. the hardest part was definitely in that window where he was just starting solids and i had to prepare all his foods. now that he’s older he just eats whatever we are eating.

we will sit down to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner together. snack time he usually bring his snack into the living room and takes bites in between playing.

i’ve done my research and now i’m living it. i know how challenging and complicated it can be to get children to eat, let alone eat plant-based. that’s why i’ve created services specifically for any mothers and families who need support. being a parent is hard enough, worrying about what they eat shouldn’t be hard too.

i’m here to support mothers and families on their journey to create healthy habits in the home. my goal is to breakdown nutrition so that everyone understands the importance of eating plant-based and food becomes viewed as a reward not a punishment. i look forward to helping you and your family become your HealthiestSelf.

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