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Becoming my HealthiestSelf

Becoming my HealthiestSelf

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I'm ready to become my HealthiestSelf

This 10-day program is for you if you’re looking to make an immediate change to your life. While the program is demanding, it will set you up for a lifetime of success. The program combines motivation with nutrition lessons on how to make plant-based nutrition work for you. Together we go over the science behind plant-based nutrition, share daily recipes, learn how to properly grocery shop, and get you confident enough to stick with this program past 10 days. The key to making lifestyle changes is creating a daily routine, and reminding yourself constantly about what you want—motivation is a key part of this program.

*You’re only allowed to participate in this program once every 4 months due to demand.

*All documents are shared via google drive & meet-ups are done virtually through ZOOM