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Women's Health Workshop: Nutrition & Fertility/Infertility

Women's Health Workshop: Nutrition & Fertility/Infertility

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Join us in our summer series of Women’s Health Workshops. The first Saturday of each month, 11:30am-1pm at barre3 Legacy Village (Beachwood OH), join us for an afternoon celebrating strong women. We will start with a 45-minute barre class led by a trained instructor, followed by a plant-based lunch provided by RAW Trainer and concluding with a health presentation given by owner of HealthiestSelf Vickie Dugan.

Each month will be a different health topic covering women’s health. The lessons will help you learn life-changing information about plant-based nutrition and how you can apply it to your every day life.

Our topic for this workshop will go over plant-based nutrition and the role it plays in fertility/infertility. An interactive workbook will be provided.